I am a visual communicator, illustrator and graphic designer. I create colourful, engaging visuals for a wide range of mediums and audiences.

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My yearly wall calendar for 2020 is now up in my Etsy shop.

This year, we are going to see life of the nose trolls up close - how they live, make friends with the animals of the forest - and we get to join their Carrot Festival!

Each month has a completely new, unique illustration as well as a grid with dates so you can put in all your appointments and your friends' birthdays.

The 2020 calendar comes both in A4 and - as something new - in a very limited number of A3's.

All illustrations were done by me with watercolour, gouache, and love, and will be securely shipped to your home in a sturdy envelope.

Happy 2020!

© Signe Gabriel, 2020