I am a visual communicator, illustrator and graphic designer. I create colourful, engaging visuals for a wide range of mediums and audiences.

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My brand new GROW enamel mug! Available over at my Etsy shop.

This enamel mug measures 7,5 x 8 cm and holds a capacity of 350 ml. (11,8 oz.).

Enamel is metal with ceramic glaze. It is very sturdy and perfect for both adults and children. The mug can safely go in the dishwasher, on every type of stovetop, and you can even put in on the fire! It is light weight - perfect for adventures in nature as well as a quiet cup of tea at home.

The illustration wraps all around the mug and is full of details.

The mugs are hand-decaled with ceramic glazes, and so small imperfections are par for the course. All mugs have slight defections on the inside of the handle, as this is where they're hung while being dipped in glazes. Handmade by Emalco Enamelware in Siedlce, Poland.

Fill your mug with your favourite drink and let it remind you of what you want to grow!

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